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Expect More With C70 Builders, Serving Minneapolis and the Nation.

C70 Builders is focused on providing more: more experience, more value and more service. We're dedicated to your project, ensuring you receive unmatched service, the highest quality materials and are poised for the highest return on your investment.

“Our goal is to provide the best value with exceptional quality for the budget. This is done through collaborative communication & planning with the client in which expert cost analyses are completed on construction methods, materials and design alternatives. This valuable information provides the client with the knowledge to make educated decisions that will best achieve the project goals.”

Tim Gunderson, C70 Builders

Expect More: Focused on Our Mission, Built on Our Values

Dedicated to our promise of delivering more, C70 was built on a foundation of integrity, trust and relationships. Each day and throughout each project, we keep our mission and values front and center.

  • Integrity: We are upfront and honest about each step throughout your construction project including costs and expectations.
  • Trust: You can trust us with your project. Our industry knowledge and experience qualify us and our attention to your needs solidifies our dedication.
  • Relationship: We strive to build a relationship during your project that continues after your project is complete. At C70, we enjoy connecting with our customers in a more meaningful way, always there to help, no matter the project’s status.
  • Leadership: We lead your commercial construction project from start to finish. We don’t leave you behind, ensure all your questions are answered and help you make educated decisions about your project from day one.
  • Excellence: We only use the highest quality materials to complete your project. We take our time, ensuring each step we make aligns with your budget. Our team focuses on providing service excellence that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Problem-Solving: At C70, we’re focused on rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done, no matter what happens around us. Challenges that occur during your project can be solved and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Over 50 Years of High-Quality Construction

For over 50 years, C70 Builders has had the opportunity to work with many private developers and major organizations on a repeat basis. These accomplishments and our dedication to new projects that come our way reinforce the stability and quality we offer our customers.

Throughout the years, we have gathered experience in building in over 20 states and achieved a 40-million bonding capacity that helps us accomplish your construction and planning needs. Our team also holds contractor licensing in various states, further extending our reach. From repeat construction projects with industry leaders to unique projects for smaller businesses, we’ve done it all.

Put Our Experience to Use on Your Commercial Project

You can expect more from C70 Builders. To get started on your commercial construction project, reach out to us today by calling 763-235-1240 or send us a message online.